How it works

My360Goals is a Multi-Rater Assessment (MRA), a flexible online feedback tool providing individuals with a framework that identifies strengths and development areas of their current capability.

This 360 combines multiple perspectives of an individual’s performance to provide them with an overview of the impact they are having on the business, colleagues and can include customers.

My360 Goals also provides a unique opportunity to identify areas of Development, set specific time-limited goals and then gain objective feedback from respondents on their progress this proves to greatly enhances the 360 feedback process and puts development in the hands of the individual.

With My360Goals you can:

  1. Receive full honest feedback from your line manager, peer group and direct reports
  2. Develop self-awareness and learning
  3. Set your own goals and plan your own development
  4. View your behavior from the perspectives of the people around you
  5. Get full feedback as you work on specific goals from the people who can see your development taking place

My360Goals has been designed to get a complete view of an individuals capability from the perspective of everyone working around them.

All responses are kept completely confidential, once the survey is complete a feedback report is produced with details of how the competency has been assessed. It is best to nominate as many people within each group as possible as some people may not be able to answer the survey and it is important to get good quality information.

The system works on nominations by email address and is in the hands of the individual to nominate in the categories, as they are required. Should the individual need to nominate people that do not have an email address or access to a computer and the Internet we can facilitate this through a paper based postal service.

The value of the feedback can form the basis for discussion. At My360Goals, we have business development coaches on hand to support in the delivery of feedback to individuals and also offer further coaching to help support you in your goals achievement.