How our pricing works

No longer are the powerful tools provided by 360 degree feedback only available to businesses able to spend thousands on developing bespoke programmes.

By combining our unique platform centred around our in-depth industry experience and understanding through using the 360 process in companies like yours, My360Goals delivers all the benefits for a fraction of the cost. We have developed an easy-to-understand pricing structure divided into two categories, Self-Managed or Managed by My360Goals. You will find this information in the table below.

Want to have a bespoke set of questions designed based around the Values and Competencies you already have working in your organisation?

My360 Goals has a team of people development professionals with who have designed this type of 360 for numerous organisations.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, please call My360Goals on 0845 217 9696 or email us If you’re still unsure if My360Goals is right for you and your organisation, why not try our Free Trial? This will give you full access to our My360 system and one free report.

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