Question Sets

No other online tool offers you the full range of feedback sets across every function as well as the option to develop bespoke feedback based on your organisation’s values.


Question Sets

No other online tool offers you the full range of feedback
sets across every function as well as the option to develop
bespoke feedback based on your organisation’s values.


Our Standard Questions Sets

Develop Leaders

Due to their high level within an organisation, leaders may not benefit from the same level of feedback from above. The Leadership 360 analysis in this context offers a more-rounded feedback process for these high-flying individuals.

Leadership feedback focuses on strategic, open questions based on developing competencies required for those setting out in leadership roles. The My360Goals platform allows them to self-direct their development and gain objective feedback from key peers and relevant individuals within or outside the organisation.

support managers

Support Managers

The 360 feedback process for managers focuses on identifying the knowledge and skills required to manage people. The feedback, based on best practice thinking, is designed to draw out key capabilities and focuses on more tactical elements of the work process.

Management development and feedback aims to enhance productivity within the organisation. Using the My360Goals combined feedback and goal setting process, it is possible to hand managers all the tools they need to direct their own development in this setting.

Enhance Sales Performance

Enhance Sales Professionals

Individuals working within the sales function have a very specific set of needs. With this in mind, the 360 feedback process focuses on five key areas of sales:

  1. Knowing the sales process
  2. Understanding customer requirements
  3. Building relationships
  4. Meeting customer needs
  5. The art of closing

If your organisational needs require it, it is possible to add-on After Sales as a sixth key area.

Uniquely, the 360 process allows you to draw in customer perspectives on employee’s sales skills. Simply by assigning customers willing to participate My360Goals provides a complete set of targeted questions to establish the sales person’s capabilities from a third-party perspective.

strengthens teams

Strengthen Teams

Emotional Intelligence has emerged as a key metric about how we manage ourselves and build relationships within our own organisations. As an indicator which cuts across all levels of leadership and management, Emotional Intelligence offers a way of objectively assessing how effectively individuals work within a team.

The feedback is focused on identifying how well individuals can recognise and understand others’ emotions and how they structure their thinking and behaviour based on this. Because of its nature, developing self-awareness on Emotional Intelligence is difficult without objective feedback.

The My360Goals platform not only provides the opportunity to gain such feedback from individuals within the organisation and from outside, it also provides a road map to developing greater emotional awareness through its goal setting function.

bespoke feedback

Bespoke Feedback

The above question sets are specially designed to identify strengths and capabilities in individuals throughout every organisation.

However, in your case you may desire a more bespoke feedback approach tailored to your specific requirements.

Based on your own set of company values, we’re able to tailor the My360Goals to your bespoke requirements so you can gain valuable feedback based on the elements that are priorities for your organisation.

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